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Demolition and Rubbish Removal


At Total renovation contractors, we truly value your customer’s preference and we have continually improved and revolutionized the essential demand to reduce waste with protocols and directives that have outlined an industry for construction, building resources and product derivatives from the environment. Our proficient knowledge and a skillful set of professional workers provide for services in demolition and rubbish removal concerning worker’s safety and health concern. The company is fully registered under the national occupational licensing scheme and relevant regulatory authorities to carry out demolition and rubbish removal work.


Safe, Secured and Protected

Demolition works dismantle structural buildings or a portion of a structure that is materially constructed. The process of demolition should be cautiously prearranged before the commencement of the demolition activity such that it can be conducted in a safe and professional manner with respect to regulations by the governing body on the official safety of workers.   The holistic process of planning in demolition encompasses detecting potential risks, evaluating and identifying suitable control procedures in liaison with all appropriate individuals associated with the demolition activity including all the main contractors, demolition supervisor, operational engineers and machine operators.


Certified and Licensed Train Technicians

Hiring our professional services at Total renovation contractors allows clients to choose the procedure and method of demolishing depending on the structure of the building. According, interior demolition allows contractors to dismantle a section of the interior portion of a building while conserving the outside structure. Under selective demolition service, contractors dismantle a precise portion of the exterior or interior structure while shielding other nearby portions of the structure. Technically, using mechanical demolition process allows the company to use expert machine-driven equipment, such as excavators.


Precision and Commitment

Total renovation Contractors Company, rubbish removal program, specifies in the complete elimination of building and devastation rubbish materials after the demolition procedure. We understand that rubbish is very dangerous to remove. Our facilities offer bulky skip containers, builder containers, and bulky rubbish removal trucks to accommodate the demolition of construction sites. We are committed to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work to come back. Please feel free to contact us anytime you feel like getting our services like consulting or renovation.

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